• If you are interested in learning more about Catholic homeschooling as a response to Covid-19 and school shutdowns, we have set up a special team of enrollment counselors that are ready to assist you with any questions. Please fill out this form and one of them will be in touch with you.
    A Catholic Distance Education Program based on Laura Berquist's Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum


    • Teaches the Child How to Think
    • Follows the Child's Natural Stages of Learning
    • Takes Account of the Child's Individual Needs
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    • Allows the Parents to Play an Integral Role in Their Child's Education
    • Provides Educational Counseling, Tutorial Support, and Learning Support Classes


    Enroll Online

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    Discover Our Classical Methodology Learn about Our Programs Our New Preschool Program Beginning Latin and Fundamentals of Latin
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    Recent News and Events

    Virtual Catholic Homeschool Conference

    Click here for information on a free, online Catholic Homeschool Conference that Laura Berquist will be speaking at!

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    The links for our May 30th events are now available!

    Helping Your Fellow MODG Families

    President Paul Lazenby writes to our families about how to help those in our community struggling financially.

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    Our prayer intentions for those in our community who have been particularly affected by the current pandemic.

    Graduation Ceremonies Update

    Please read this letter from Steven Hayden, our Executive Director, about our in-person graduation ceremonies.

    Novena for Impossible Requests


    Laura Berquist wanted to pass on information to our families about this wonderful novena!

    A Note from Our Founder


    A note from Laura Berquist regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    MODG Student Wins Trip to South America

    Sophomore Eva Heroux describes her trip to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands as a part of National Geographic’s 2019 Student Expedition Scholarship. 

    MODG Student Gives Pro-Life Speech

    Emily Bachman shares the touching Pro-Life story of her nephew Mikey and the joy he brings to his family.

    Art Contest - Spring 2019


    We are very proud to display the results of our Spring 2019 Art Contest. Over 300 students submitted work in a variety of methods. Enjoy browsing these beautiful submissions! You can also view results from our yearly contests for the past decade!

    MODG Students Earn NASA Recognition

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    Books & Syllabi

    MODG is now selling copies of our syllabi, as well as many of the essential and recommended supplemental texts used in our syllabi. Both enrolled and non-enrolled families can purchase these items from MODG's online bookstore: books.modg.org. Enrolled families receive a discount on syllabi and books, but must log-in to their family account in order to get the discount.


    Mother of Divine Grace School

    Did you know?

    MODG has a student run news site: www.modgnews.com

    “For the sole true end of education is this: to teach men how to learn for themselves; and whatever instruction fails to do this is effort spent in vain.”

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